Minimum Weight

Strongwall Integrated Building System™ panels, are extremely light with no additional plaster being required. The finished product weighs less than 25 percent of a comparably sized block wall.


Strongwall Integrated Building System™ panel composites, effectively resist both moisture penetration and the formation of surface condensates, that are common under humid conditions.

Greater Suspension Loads

Strongwall panels support isolated suspension loads exceeding 47 kilograms,well over 100 pounds per wall-screw/nail.

High Fire Resistance

Rated "Class A" under certified tests of 1,700 degrees Celsius or 3,092 degrees Fahrenheit. Tests conducted over 3 hours of exposure per side.

Optimum Vibration Dampening

Due to the cellular polystyrene and cement composite structure, Strongwall Integrated Building System™ demonstrates high resistance to vibration-generated deformation and flange mounting strength. The result is a safer, more sound-resistant interior.

Energy Efficient

Excellent heat insulation gives advantages of energy savings. The insulation rating for both severe cold and hot conditions reduces overall energy consumption.