Construction Standards and Certification

Rigorously tested by the North American materials evaluation authority Intertek USA, this building system meets and exceeds all contemporary building and construction standards established by ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Materials), one of the world's most trusted standards development organizations.

Certified Fire Resistance

ASTM E119: Temperature 1,700 degrees Celsius | Duration: 3 hours exposure.Evaluation: Intertek ETL SEMKO Registered marginal temperature change on opposing surfaces. Further, the use of high pressure water immediately followed, and no toxic gases were emitted.

Moisture / Mould Resistant

ASTM E96: Standard test methods for water vapor transmission of materials. Evaluation: Intertek ETL SEMKO Registered no detectable moisture penetration through composite.

Thermal Non-Conduction

ASTM C177: Evaluates thermal conductivity (insulative properties). Evaluation: Intertek ETL SEMKO Registered low thermal conductivity (high insulation values).

Lead and Asbestos Results

In addition to the International Testing, Strongwall Integrated Building System™ submitted the wall panels for independent testing in Canada. The lead and asbestos results showed an absence of both substances.

Environmentally Responsible

The Strongwall Integrated Building System™ is eco and forest friendly, time tested, non-hazardous and 100% recyclable. Further, by design and application, the Strongwall Integrated Building System™ reduces the amount of construction debris associated with traditional forms of construction. This is not only cost effective but clearly environmentally responsible.

MCG Building Systems Inc. is proud of the multiple global environmental certifications its wall system has been awarded: