On-site Support Services

As part of any sale, MCG Building Systems Inc. provides onsite consulting/installation supports to its clients at no extra cost.

Build With Confidence

Given the unique nature of the product, the technology involved and the nuisances of installation, we believe that this support for clients is essential for three fundamental reasons:

  • It is critical that you feel totally comfortable and confident in the construction of your facility.
  • As with any new business experience, the in-service training of staff is essential to the short and long-term effectiveness of any undertaking.
  • Our team of experts will provide your team with expertise and first-hand experience. MCG Building Systems Inc. has contracted MCG Construction to be the former's service provider and consulting engineer to our clients.
  • The end result experience and building construction can only beenhanced by such supports.

Design Services -
Design with Confidence

MCG Building Systems Inc. offers two forms of design services to our clients.

Initial Design and Engineering Consulting Services

We offer front end design, engineering and consulting service to our clients. This is accomplished through a fee for service purchase of time and expertise from MCG Construction. Your company may wish to purchase the integrated system but you need additional support to generate the initial specifications and drawings; particularly as it relates to the in wall conduit infrastructure. We would be most pleased to provide you with a quote related to such services.

Confirmation Design Services

It is essential that there be total congruency between the integrated wall system that you as the client orders and the product that you receive on your job site. Therefore, we will review your drawings and specifications and provide you with a sign off opportunity before your final order is placed. This is part of MCG Building Systems Inc. Quality Assurance Program.