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  Having built over 10 buildings with MCG throughout the course of 10 years, I can without a doubt state that I can’t imagine doing another project without them.  

Ron Ingram, Camcork Holdings Ltd

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our advantages

Quick Assembly

Joining panels by use of tongue and groove construction strengthens the structure between the panel and its connected beams and columns. The result is an exceptionally light-weight, fully customizable construction system that is easy to transport, store and erect, saving time and money.

Water and Fire Resistant

Strongwall Integrated Building System™ panel composites, effectively resist both moisture penetration and the formation of surface condensates. Rated "Class A" under certified tests of 1,700 degrees Celsius or 3,092 degrees Fahrenheit. Tests conducted over 3 hours of exposure per side.

Environmentally Responsible

Our walls are eco and forest friendly, time tested, non-hazardous and 100% recyclable. Further, by design and application, the Strongwall reduces the amount of construction debris associated with traditional forms of construction. This is not only cost effective but clearly environmentally responsible.

Delivered Turn Key

Strongwall eliminates the need for framing, insulating, and dry-walling. Panels are assembled using polyethylene base cement or an epoxy compound. Vertically integrated conduits greatly reduce the time to install utilities (i.e. electrical, plumbing, fibre cable etc.), thereby greatly reducing both construction time and capital costs.

The Benefits
Of Strongwall

Eliminates the need for framing, insulating and dry-walling * reduces construction time by over 70% * Simple engineering * 30 square meters of wall /day/installer * Tongue and groove strengthens the structure * Vertically integrated conduits * 75% lighter than concrete * Water and moisture proof * Greater suspension loads * 100 pounds per wall-screw/nail * Fire Resistance * Optimum vibration dampening * Sound-resistant Environmentally friendly * 100% recyclable, non-hazardous materials * Less building site rubbish * Minimal environmental impact, and so on.

On-site Support

As part of any sale, MCG Building Systems provides onsite consulting/installation supports to its clients at no extra cost. Given the unique nature of the product, the technology involved and the nuisances of installation, we believe that this support for clients is essential for the following fundamental reasons.

It is critical that you, the contractor/installer, feel totally comfortable and confident in the construction of your facility. As with any new business experience, the in-service training of staff is essential to the short and long-term effectiveness of any undertaking. Our team of experts will provide your team with expertise and first-hand experience. MCG Building Systems has contracted MCG Construction to be the service provider and consulting engineer to our clients. The experience can only be enhanced by such supports.